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Dr. Richard Hofmann

Dr. Richard Hofmann
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    DFG Postdoc (Eigene Stelle), Evolution & Geoprocesses (Diversity Dynamics), working group of Martin Aberhan (more information on the project)

    Biodiversity patterns, palaeoecology and functional diversity across the "Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event" in the Basin and Range Province, USA



    quantitative Paläoökologie benthischer Invertebraten (v.a. Bivalven, Brachiopoden, Gastropoden & Trilobiten)

    Massenaussterbe-Events und Erholungsphasen/Diversifizierungen


    Fazies und Stratigraphie flach- und randmariner Ablagerungsräume (v.a. Trias, Ordovizium, Perm & Kambrium)


    Publikationen (Auswahl)

    • Hofmann, R., Tietje, M., and Aberhan, M. (2018): Diversity partitioning in Phanerozoic benthic marine communities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. OPEN ACCESS
    • Hofmann, R., Hautmann, M., and Bucher, H. (2017): Diversity partitioning in Permian and Early Triassic benthic ecosystems of the Western USA: A comparison. Historical Biology. 29(7), 918-930
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