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Museum für Naturkunde erhält Zertifizierung


ServiceQualität Deutschland offers a training and certification programme for small and medium-sized service providers to improve their service quality, especially for businesses that target tourists. The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is certified in Level 1 of ServiceQualität Deutschland until November 2022. The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has thus committed itself to the continuous improvement of its service quality for the benefit of customers and employees. Within the scope of the first certification level, the following areas were addressed with the use of so-called Q-tools:

  • Service chain - keeping an eye on customer requirements
  • Complaint management - how can customer feedback be stimulated and used
  • Customer communication - target-oriented external communication
  • To this end, improvement measures have been develope and are being worked on and submitted annually for inspection by ServiceQualität Deutschland.

General information on ServiceQuality Germany