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Andre Mascarenhas

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Post-Doc Researcher in project GEOEssential Variables workflows for resource efficiency and environmental management (HORIZON 2020 – ERA-PLANET the European network for observing our changing planet)


Research topics:

  • Science-Policy interface
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Sustainability
  • Indicators
  • Stakeholder analysis / Public participation
  • Land-Use and Land Cover change analysis
  • Spatial planning / Landscape planning
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Citizen Science / participatory science

Research projects:

  • GEOEssential Variables workflows for resource efficiency and environmental management

Publications (selected)

Mascarenhas A. (2020) Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Wall T. (eds) Life on Land. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Springer, Cham. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-71065-5_92-1

Skarlatidou, A., Suškevičs, M., Göbel, C., Prūse, B., Tauginienė, L., Mascarenhas, A., Mazzonetto, M., Sheppard, A., Barrett, J., Haklay, M., Baruch, A., Moraitopoulou, E.-A., Austen, K., Baïz, I., Berditchevskaia, A., Berényi, E., Hoyte, S., Kleijssen, L., Kragh, G., Legris, M., Mansilla-Sanchez, A., Nold, C., Vitos, M. and Wyszomirski, P. (2019). The Value of Stakeholder Mapping to Enhance Co-Creation in Citizen Science Initiatives. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 4(1), p.1-10.

Ziegler, D., Mascarenhas, A. (2017). Networks for Citizen Science in Europe and Germany. Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society 5, 68-71.

Mascarenhas, A., Fritz, S., See, L., Moorthy, I. (2017). Assessment of user requirements, barriers and engagement strategies for LandSense Citizen Observatory. LandSense Deliverable 2.1.


Further publications:

Google Scholar Profile

Boards / Committees / Memberships

Associate Editor - People and Nature (British Ecological Society)

Associate Editor - Frontiers in Environmental Research (Land Use Dynamics Section)

Executive Team (2018-2019) -  YESS (Young Ecosystem Services Specialists)

Member - SURE (Society for Urban Ecology)

Member - ISDRS (International Sustainable Development Research Society)