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Dr. Claire Förster

Dr. Claire Förster
  • Teaching

    social research methods,

    creative research

  • Publications

    blog entry on how to get creative with one's doctoral thesis (part one)

    second post on Live-Action Role-Play in science (writing)

    playful digitised insights into my doctoral research

    blog post on inclusive science communication

  • Projects

    "Nähe trotz Distanz" (NuForm) - understanding how digital/ hybrid components transform how people experience museums and their spaces (as experiential, menaingful "places") - which new forms of connections can be established, where, how, with whom?

    in collaboation with Art + Com

  • Curriculum Vitae

    PhD in Human Geography (Swansea University, UK) - Live-Action Role-Play thesis on what it means to be "human" as a South Wales Police officer within contexts of increased robotification and digitisation of one's professional and personal lives

    Msc. Sex, Gender and Violence: Critical Approaches (Aberdeen University, UK)

    B.A. Socio-cultural Anthropology/ Political Science (Freie Universität Berlin, DE)

    voluntary work with rough sleepers, asylum-seekers/migrants, LGBTIQA* activists

  • Tasks

    social scientist (ethnographer) in project "NuForm" (FB3)


    general research areas:

    creative/inclusive research, science communication, embodied knowledge (knowing), Othering/labelling, self-representation/performativity, "place"