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Associate Professor Dr. Ingmar Lippert

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Sociologist of science, technology and the environment, visiting senior research fellow at Humanities of Nature and collaboration within its STS group and the Bureau for troubles.


As Associate Professor at the Technologies in Practice Research Group at the IT University of Copenhagen, and at the Chair of Technoscience Studies at Brandenburg University of Technology, and as a fellow at the Museum für Naturkunde I conduct research on

  • Data natures, with Prof. Tahani Nadim, focusing on data infrastructures within natural history collections and environmental monitoring and the human and nonhuman agents involved;
  • autochthonous agents and (informational) politics of coal – coal as an effect of the carbonisation of plant materials.

The key concern in my research asks how the digital and society meet and are woven into each other. I explore the situated politics at the heart of the "digital society" and of projects of "digitalising nature". This pushes me to analyse the structures and nitty-gritty contingencies of power, knowledge, technology and science.