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PD Dr. Jens Jetzkowitz

PD Dr. Jens Jetzkowitz
  • Current course

    Advanced methods of qualitative and quantitative social research

    (MA; Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Spring Term)

  • Peer Reviewed Papers (Selection)

    The Berlin principles on one health – Bridging global health and conservation. In: Science of the Total Environment, (with Kim Gruetzmacher, William B. Karesh, John H. Amuasi, Adnan Arshad, Andrew Farlow, Sabine Gabrysch, Susan Lieberman, Clare Palmer, Andrea S. Winkler, Chris Walzer)

    Levers and Leverage Points for Pathways to Sustainability. In: People and Nature. 2020, 2, 693–717, (with Kai M. A. Chan, David R. Boyd, Rachelle K. Gould, Jianguo Liu, Barbara Muraca, Robin Naidoo, Paige Olmsted, Terre Satterfield, Odirilwe Selomane, Gerald G. Singh, Rashid Sumaila, Hien T. Ngo, Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono, John Agard, Ana Paula D. de Aguiar, Dolors Armenteras, Lenke Balint, Christopher Barrington-Leigh, William W. L. Cheung, Sandra Díaz, John Driscoll, Karen Esler, Harold Eyster, Edward J. Gregr, Shizuka Hashimoto, Gladys Cecilia Hernández Pedraza, Thomas Hickler, Marcel Kok, Tanya Lazarova, Assem A. A. Mohamed, Mike Murray-Hudson, Patrick O’Farrell, Ignacio Palomo, Ali Kerem Saysel, Ralf Seppelt, Josef Settele, Bernardo Strassburg, Dayuan Xue und Eduardo S. Brondízio)

    The Significance of Meaning in and the Meaning of Biodiversity Research: Why IPBES Needs the Social Sciences and Humanities. In: INNOVATION. The European Journal of Social Science Research (with CSA [Kris] van Koppen, Rolf Lidskog, Konrad Ott, Lieske Voget-Kleschin und Catherine Mei Ling Wong); published online:

    How Does Paying for Ecosystem Services Contribute Towards Sustainable Development? Evidence from Case-Study-Based Research in Germany and the U.K. In: Sustainability 6, 2014, 3019-3042 (with Kristin Nicolaus).

    How to Concretize Research on the Coupling of Ecosystems to Human Activities? From Socioeconomic Indicators to Styles of Living and Acting. In: Nature and Culture 6(3), Winter 2011, 218-243 (with Jörg Schneider).

    Latest Book

    The co-evolution of nature and society. Palgrave-Macmillian, 2019.

  • Head of the Biodiversity Policy Lab