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Viktor Hartung

Viktor Hartung
  • Tasks

    PhD student in the research group of Prof. Dr. Hannelore Hoch (systematic zoology)


    • Ecology and behaviour of Peloridiidae (Insecta: Hemiptera)
    • Systematics, biogeography and evolution of Hemiptera

    Research projects

    Phyloecology of Nothofagus-forests on the model of Peloridiidae (Insecta:Hemiptera) and ecologically associated organisms (sponsored by Elsa-Heumann-grant of the State of Berlin and German Academic Exchange DAAD)


    Burrows, M., Hartung, V. and Hoch, H. (2007). Jumping behaviour in a gondwanan relict insect (Hemiptera: Coleorrhyncha: Peloridiidae). The Journal of Experimental Biology, 210: 3311-3318.