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Dr. Wiebke Rössig

Dr. Wiebke Rössig
  • - Project Lead Participation Area: Conception, Programming and Evaluation of Innovative dialogic-participatory formats of Science Communication and Participation in Research and Collections in the "Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science".

    - Project Lead "Visitor Participation in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin for the Promotion of Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer" (August 2016-July 2018)

    Main areas of interest:
    ◾Participation on scientific topics
    ◾Readiness and authorization to participate
    ◾Conflicts between nature conservation and regional development
    ◾Art of Hosting, Moderation          

    For many years I have been engaged in participative processes, especially the participation in scientific topics. During my studies and my doctorate, my main focus was on conflicts between nature conservation and regional development and how the inhabitants of protected areas are involved in administration and decision-making. Subsequently, I worked for the Deutsche Umweltstiftung in the Commission on Nuclear Waste Management in the German Parliament. The main focus of my work was on the structuring of citizen participation in the search for an area for nuclear waste disposal. Since August 2016 I have been working on the practical implementation of the opening of research and collections in the Museum für Naturkunde and am always happy to receive ideas and suggestions.