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Präparierte Antilope im Museum für Naturkunde, im Bild gespiegelt. Back to top


Artistic interventions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Natural history museums have always been places where artists were intensively involved in the study of nature. Alongside travelling researchers, artists have contributed to recording and depicting the history of life on earth. They were part of the graphic documentation of the collections as well as the presentation of nature within an exhibition space.

In keeping with this tradition, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the German Federal Cultural Foundation have jointly developed a pilot project that invites international artists to create interventions in one of the most renowned natural history museums in Europe. Not only does the project permit/invite fresh perspectives on nature and museum culture and shed new light on the museum’s collections of scientific objects, it also reinterprets the way we view natural history museums in general.

With a number of interventions in the genres of visual art, sound art, and literature, the model project is creating an experimental space where art, museum practice, and natural history research can interact. It thus seeks to provide a new model for contemporary art in natural history museums, both within Germany and across the globe.

Opening of the fourth round of artistic interventions: 29th January 2018
Duration: 01/30/-04/29/2018.

According to curatorial concepts by Gaby Hartel, Cord Riechelmann and Bergit Arends, Dorothée Brill and Christine Heidemann are joining in as curators for visual art for the 4th intervention round (2017-2018).
Artistic consultant: Juan A. Gaitán (sector visual art 2014/15)


4 years (2014-2018)

Cooperation Partner and Funding

In cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation.