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Beats & Bones live: Taxidermy – Skeletons


In the Beats & Bones podcast we open doors to our collection and research laboratories that are otherwise closed. Live streams on our Instagram channel complement current episodes. We look forward to your questions in the live chat!

Who knows our earliest ancestors were 480 million year old jawless fish? In the Beats & Bones podcast, which is created as part of our cooperation with Berliner Sparkasse, you get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the museum. Collection rooms with more than 30 million objects, state-of-the-art research laboratories: nature experts from the museum answer questions about the diversity of nature, evolution, the formation of the earth, climate change and the death of insects.

Event information

  • Topic: Taxidermy – Skeletons
  • with Marlene Bart, guide at the museum, and Jan Panniger, taxidermist
  • Live on Instagram
  • Event in German

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