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#WildWalk – Pop-Up exhibitions conquer urban spaces

Grafik mit acht farbigen Kreisen, in denen die Objekte des WIldwalks abgebildet sind

The #WildWalk is a pop-up exhibition project that takes the museum into the middle of the urban jungle.

Empty shop windows are a recurring scene in city spaces. #WildWalk temporarily brings them to life with lions, monkeys and other objects from the museum. The result is a pop-up exhibition walk in Berlin's urban spaces that is constantly changing. When a shop is re-rented, the staging vanishes. At a different location, a new shop window pops up instead. An interactive city map shows all current stations of the #WildWalk and provides additional information on the exhibited objects.

Enlivening urban space together

#WildWalk brings a piece of the museum to the people and at the same time draws attention to vacant retail spaces.

Interested in becoming part of the #WildWalk with your property? All you need is a shop window, some space and a power socket. Please feel free to contact us.

All relevant details for interested parties can be found in our compact portfolio.

The project was realised within the framework of the Leibniz Research Museums Action Plan.

  • Photograph of shopwindow with White-handed Gibbon exhibit | Copyright: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
  • Photograph of transportation process for the White-handed Gibbon | Copyright: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
  • Photograph of taxidermist with White-handed Gibbon| Copyright: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
  • Photograph shopwindow exhibition of Two-toed Sloth | Copyright: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin