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Help us rebuild Noah’s Ark!

The large natural history museums all over the world act as depositories for animate and inanimate nature as well as centres of research into nature and evolution. Comprising around 30 million items, the collections of the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin are among the most comprehensive and significant collections of their kind. They are a valuable archive of the diversity of species on Earth and provide an indispensable basis for modern biodiversity research. Scientists discover thousands of new animal species every year, while at the same time, at least as many species go extinct due to the destruction of their habitat before any human ever set eyes on them.

Insects make up the largest group within the animal kingdom and they are also the largest contingent in our collection. Since the Museum für Naturkunde received its first major insect collection in 1818, it now holds over 6 million beetles, 4 million butterflies 5 million bees and wasp and significant numbers of other insects. Over time, our insect cases - many of which are over 150 years old - no longer shut tightly, exposing the precious exhibits to dust or even parasites.

A donation of €35.- enables us to purchase a new insect case and gives you or the named sponsor the opportunity to have your name mentioned in connection with the new case. You also help to preserve our valuable collections for posterity.

Become an Insect Sponsor

If you want to become an insect donor, please contact Sven Marotzke. Please give your name and postal address and also mention if you have a special interest in a certain group of insects (beetles, butterflies, wasps & bees, flies & midges, heteroptera, cicadas, caddisflies…). You will receive a personal sponsorship certificate.

Insect case sponsorships cannot be booked online and do not include the "Mein Museum" sponsorship day invitation. If you like, we can arrange to visit the Museum to look "behind the scenes" and pay a visit to your sponsored insects. These special guided tours are available on weekdays only and can be arranged to suit you.


Insect Case Sponsorships as Gifts

It is, of course, possible to give insect case sponsorships as presents. Please let us know your choice of insect, the name of the sponsor as well as your own address – either by phone or by email. We will send you the certificate and donation receipt and you can then send them on to the sponsor. Please ask the sponsor to send us their contact details so that they can be contacted by us directly.