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Postdoc, Marine Invertebrates


My research focuses on evolutionary and developmental biology with an emphasis on lophotrochozoan invertebrates, in particular molluscs and polychaetes. I apply morphological and molecular techniques to study body plan evolution and neurophylogeny.

Publications (selection)

Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2010. Capitellid connections: neuromuscular development in the maldaniid polychaete Axiothella rubrocincta. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 10: 168.Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2010. Integrative analysis of polychaete ontogeny: cell proliferation patterns and myogenesis in trochophore larvae of Sabellaria alveolata. Evolution and Development 12: 5-15.

Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2009. Neurogenesis suggests independent evolution of opercula in serpulid polychaetes. BMC Evolutionary Biology 9: 270.

Glaubrecht, M., Brinkmann, N. and Pöppe, J. 2009. Diversity and disparity "down under": systematics, biogeography and reproductive modes of the "marsupial" freshwater Thiaridae (Caenogastropoda, Cerithioidea) in Australia. Zoosystematics and Evolution 85(2): 199-275.

Brinkmann, N. and Wanninger, A. 2008. Larval neurogenesis in Sabellaria alveolata reveals plasticity in polychaete neural patterning. Evolution and Development 10(5): 606-618.