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  • Research in evolutionary paleoecology and biodiversity
  • Former Spokesperson of the Museum's Science Program Diversity Dynamics
  • Representation of GBIF-D Paleontology
  • Pool of Reviewers of the European Science Foundation
  • Editor of the journal Biogeosciences
  • Advisory Board of the Paleobiology Database


research interests

  • Reef development through the Phanerozoic
  • Diversity dynamics and evolutionary rates
  • Mass extinctions and reef crises

research projects

  • Controls on global biodiversity patterns and skeletal mineralization during the Cambrian radiation (DFG)
  • Evolutionary rates of zooxanthellate and azooxanthellate corals and their controlling factors (DFG)
  • Predicting Coral Reef Response to Climate Change: Past and Present Comparisons (DAAD)
  • Verbundvorhaben GBIF-D: Kompetenzzentren innovativer Datenmobilisierung – Teilprojekt 4: Digitale Forschungsinfrastruktur und Dienste für die Bereiche Entomologie und Paläontologie. BMBF
  • SYNTHESYS II, NA3: Extending content cover with ABCD (EU)
  • Controls of ecological stability of marine ecosystems over long temporal scales (Volkswagenstiftung)

Publications (Selection)

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