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Dr. Linus Günther

  • Günther L, Knörnschild M, Nagy M+, Mayer F+ (2017) The evolution of a rare mammalian trait – benefits and costs of male philopatry in proboscis bats. Scientific Reports 7, 15632. (+joint senior authors)
  • Günther L, Lopez MD, Knörnschild M, Reid K, Nagy M+, Mayer F+ (2016) From resource to female defence: the impact of roosting ecology on a bat’s mating strategy. Royal Society Open Science, 3, 160503. (+joint senior authors)
  • Nagy M, Knörnschild M, Günther L, & Mayer F (2014) Dispersal and social organization in the Neotropical Grey sac-winged bat Balantiopteryx plicata. Behavioral ecology and sociobiology, 68(6), 891-901.
  • Nagy M*, Günther L*, Knörnschild M, & Mayer F (2013) Female‐biased dispersal in a bat with a female‐defence mating strategy. Molecular ecology, 22(6), 1733-1745. (*joint first authors)
  • Hillen J, Angetter L-S, Günther L, Molitor F (2010) Habitatnutzung einer Kolonie der Bechsteinfledermaus (Myotis bechsteinii) im NSG 'Wawerner Bruch'. Dendrocopos 37, 19-42.