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The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is an integrated research museum. We investigate nature and patterns and process that have shaped earth and the solar system with great passion and competence. At the same time, we enable science and society to enter into dialogue in order to work together to explore solutions to today’s major scientific and social challenges. The protection of life on earth and a sustainable world for humans are amongst them. With its enormous collections, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is an archive of scientific and cultural heritage, a global scientific research infrastructure and a Leibniz research museum with international research partners. Our scientific infrastructure, with the collection as the central infrastructure works for and with research and knowledge transfer. Here, teams from different disciplines conduct cutting-edge collections-based research on life, earth and the solar system. This knowledge is also made available to society, politics, culture and business in order to promote a broad dialogue and address stakeholder needs. At the center of the knowledge transfer are the exhibitions which showcase our own research. In addition, we initiate or support numerous participation, citizen science, education and dialogue events. Fostering understanding and / or active participation in science as a process is a pre-requisite for a striving knowledge society of the 21st century, and we want to help society to reflect on their own actions and support a shift in mind set ‘for nature’.