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12. Deutscher Geologentag in Berlin

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The ZDF programme series "Terra X" was awarded the "Stein im Brett" prize at the 12th German Geologists' Day at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin on 9 May 2022. The "Terra X" programme brand was chosen as the award winner because the numerous high-quality documentaries in this series make an important contribution to making geoscientific content accessible to a broad public and to promoting an understanding of the processes and history of the planet. The prize is awarded by the BDG Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler e. V. (Professional Association of German Geoscientists).

Friederike Haedecke, editorial director of the series, and presenter Prof. Dr. Colin Devey accepted the award at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. "On behalf of the editorial team of 'Terra X', I am very pleased about the award. The history of the Earth and its geological development have been among our most popular programmes for years. Our viewers are fascinated by unravelling the ground they stand on and getting a feel for the unimaginably long periods of time in which the layers of rock have changed. Stones can tell the most exciting stories - you just have to know how to read them."

The "Stein im Brett" award has been presented since 2002 by the BDG, representing the profession of geoscientists in Germany, to individuals and institutions in public life. The award honours special services to the public perception of the geosciences.

This year's award ceremony will take place as usual during the German Geologists' Conference. The Geologists' Day is organised by the BDG Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler e. V. (Professional Association of German Geoscientists) in cooperation with the RohstoffWissen! e. V. association, the Verband Bergbau, Geologie und Umwelt e. V. (Mining, Geology and Environment Association) and the Akademie für Geowissenschaften und Geotechnologie e. V. (Academy for Geosciences and Geotechnology).