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digitize! Live Science

Live Science in our galleries

The museum‘s collection comprises some 30 million objects. This collection will be digitized as an integral part of our Zukunftsplan (Future Plan). In order to achieve this amazing challenge, new technologies and workflows need to be developed, tested, and implemented.

A unique prototype of a digitization street for insects has been developed together with science and industry partners. It will capture images of up to 5,000 objects per day. Initially, 500,000 insects from the museum‘s collection will be digitized.

"digitize!" makes the digitization street part of the visitor experience, creating an authentic encounter with the museum‘s digital transformation.

In our gallery right next to the Dinosaur Hall, you can experience image capture and digitization in real-time. We provide insights into this highly complex process and present exciting stories about our research and our unique collection.

  • historische Vitrine mit Projektion
  • Besucherinnen bestaunen Insektenfilm in der Ausstellung
  • Besucherinnen schauen beim Umstecken von Insekten zu
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  • Person scannt mit Smartphone einen QR Code in der Ausstellung