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Collection discovery and development

MfN Christine Oymann Projekt Sammlungserschließung

We take on the responsibility for our global, cultural and scientific heritage. Within the Zukunftsplan, we will transform and develop the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in a sustainable way, i.e. by securing the objects in terms of conservation, by object digitization, and by providing access to them for innovative (re)use.

In doing so, we will develop the collection into an open, digital-analog research infrastructure that will meet future scientific, societal, and technological requirements.

Research questions relevant to society are our central drivers in this process. As a modern research and information infrastructure, our collection will be fully integrated into the European landscape, designed to be interoperable both analog and digital, and thus enabling holistic access.

In this endeavor, we are building on our internationally recognized expertise in collection digitization, collection management, preservation research, research data management and infrastructure development. The Mediasphere for Nature application lab has already successfully generated impetus for new uses of collections, which will now be continued and expanded. The close link with the science program Collection Future allows this process to be  accompanied by research, application development as well as reflection with actors from a broad spectrum of science, culture, society, politics and economy. 

The project Collection Discovery and Development is leading the following areas in the Future Plan:

(1) Positioning the collection through innovative research and transfer projects,

(2) preservation and management of physical and digital objects by means of international, interoperable standards,

(3) information networking and development of holistic access for diverse usage scenarios.

Generating and providing data is a huge challenge we manage with our expertise and the digitization of collections.

In order to achieve these goals, the project Collection Discovery and Development consists of four complementary sub-projects, which address different aspects and at the same time bundle the necessary competences:

  • Collection-based Research (Research Clusters)
  • Transformation
  • Information Management
  • Access, Innovation and Networking
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