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Welcome to Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Our mission is to discover and describe life and earth – with people, through dialogue. We want to engage with and influence the scientific and societal discourse about the future of our planet, worldwide.

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Encounter with the other species

Around 90 per cent of all species on earth are unknown. The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is doing everything it can to discover the nameless before they become extinct - in Berlin as well as in the rainforest of Vietnam.

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Urbane Ursuppe
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Elisabeth Heyne: The story collector

Humans are changing nature with all their power. As a result, science is recognising a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene - the age of humans. Elisabeth Heyne is building a digital collection of all kinds of everyday things at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin that connect people with this new reality. 

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Elisabeth Heyne
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