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Life: Through the Looking Glass

Life through the looking glass

The online exhibition “Life: Through the Looking Glass” showcases the research of the EvoCELL network, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) that includes 11 excellent research departments and institutions across Europe, including the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

The scientists study animal evolution from a cellular perspective, using new technologies to uncover a previously invisible world. Their research is complex - so complex that most communication about it never leaves the scientific community.

What prevents scientists from communicating their research to the public? There are simply no big end results or eureka moments, as the public often imagines. Moreover, modern biological research often lacks physical objects that can be exhibited. The objects of interest are only indirectly visible through a series of complicated technologies and lengthy processes.

Siri Kellner and Akanksha Raju from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin have taken up this challenge and designed the online exhibition 'Life: Through the Looking Glass'. Instead of presenting final results and answers, this new form of exhibition emphasises the processes in science, highlights the authors of the research and creates an engaging and playful design that appeals to the audience.