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Declaration on Accessibility

I. Public place / Area of application

Museum of Natural History Berlin, Homepage

We strive to make our website barrier-free. The declaration on digital accessibility is required by the Berlin Accessible Information and Communication Technology Act (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility are derived from the current BITV.

This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the website

II. When was the accessibility statement created or updated?

This declaration was created or revised on 18.03.2022.

The review of digital accessibility was carried out by Senate Department for the Interior, Digitization and Sports Department V "ICT Control, Digitization of Administration and Citizen Services", Digital Accessibility Monitoring Office; Competence Center for Digital Accessibility and Usability.

III. How accessible is the service?

This website/application is not barrier-free. It only partially meets the requirements of the current BITV.

IV. Which areas are not barrier-free?

The offer is not barrier-free for the following reasons:

Barrier: Non-text content

  • Description: Some of the controls, images and videos have insufficient, incorrect or no alternative text.
  • Measures: Train service staff and adapt technology to provide meaningful alternative text.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022

Barrier: Info and Relationships

  • Description: The web presence has a partially insufficient or incorrect heading hierarchy or headings are not labeled as such. Implementation and use of semantic HTML and lists and/or list items are insufficient.
  • Measures: Training of service staff
  • Timeline: Remediation in 2022

Barrier: Use of color, contrast and non-text contast

  • Description: The links are insufficiently highlighted. The website has various contrast errors - e.g. texts, headlines and menu links. Contrast of controls is too low.
  • Measures: Change the presentation of links so that they are distinguished from the text by an additional feature. Adjust contrast of text elements with normal font to 4.5:1 between foreground and background color and of large font as well as controls, graphical controls and borders to 3:1. Define foreground and background color in css of respective elements.
  • Schedule: Fix in 2022.

Barrier: Keyboard

  • Description: Several elements of the site are not accessible and/or operable with keyboard - e.g. search and newsletter.
  • Measures: Modify web presence to make all controls accessible and operable by keyboard.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Pause, stop hide

  • Description: Jump links do not work and also do not fade in when focus is paused. The use of semantic HTML is insufficient.
  • Measures: Avoid and adjust slideshows and similar elements so that they can always be stopped/paused (with the keyboard).
  • Schedule: Fix in 2022.

Barrier: Skip blocks

  • Description: Skip links do not work and are also not shown when focus is maintained. The use of semantic HTML is insufficient.
  • Measures: Adjustments so that page areas can always be skipped through various mechanisms, e.g., using jump links and semantic HTML (regions).
  • Schedule: Fix in 2022.

Barrier: Page with title

  • Description: Page titles are sometimes too unspecific.
  • Measures: Train service staff to rename page titles in a meaningful way that always includes information about the web presence itself and the specific subpage.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Links in context

  • Description: Some of the links are not meaningful.
  • Measures: Train service staff to assign meaningful alternative text for linked images.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Headings and captions (labels)

  • Description: Headings or heading labels for content organization are missing. Form elements sometimes lack correct labels or the placeholder is insufficient/incorrect.
  • Measures: Train service staff to assign unique headings to divide pages that are not multiple so screen reader users can jump to them. Train service staff to clearly label forms and controls. Improving similarity labels and placeholders and avoiding descriptions using placeholders. Implementation of hints for screen reader users using ARIA.
  • Schedule: Remediation in 2022.

Barrier: Visible focus

  • Description: Visible keyboard focus is missing.
  • Measures: Implement a focus that is always clearly visible. The focus should be present for both keyboard and mouse navigation so that users can always see where they are.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Labels in names

  • Description: Form fields sometimes lack a visible label.
  • Measures: Implement a visible label on form fields that matches the programmatic label so that users with voice control can jump to it and activate it.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Consistent navigation

  • Description: Navigation elements and layout are inconsistently implemented. Ticketshop is clearly different from the rest. No easy way to return to the actual home page
  • Measures: Implement consistent presentation and layout across the entire website with navigation and page elements/areas always appearing in the same relative order.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Syntax analysis

  • Description: The page has syntax errors.
  • Action: Fix syntax errors.
  • Schedule: Fix in 2022.

Barrier: Status messages

  • Description: For forms, status notifications (such as changes in the ticket store) are not or insufficiently communicated to the screen reader.
  • Measures: Implement automatic and correct transmission of status messages to the screen reader so that users know what has changed on the page and where errors have occurred, for example.
  • Time schedule: Remedy in 2022.

Barrier: Documents

  • Description: Documents provided as downloads are not always accessible.
  • Measures: Train service staff and provide technology to make accessible documents available.
  • Timeline: Remedy in 2022.
  • Alternative: Contact persons and contact details are offered as an alternative.

V. Who can you contact with comments or questions about digital accessibility (feedback option)?

Contact the contact person of the public body:

Severely Disabled Representative


VI. Contact the state representative for digital accessibility

If your contact with the public body was not successful, you can contact the State Representative for Digital Accessibility.

Link to contact form

Further information about the State Representative for Digital Accessibility