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Location Rental

Galadinner im Sauriersaal, festlich gedeckte Tische, Foto: (c) Carola Radke

Are you looking not just for any event location, but for a very special place to hold your very special event?

The exhibition galleries at the Museum für Naturkunde provide a unique backdrop and multiple themes. Whether it is a workshop in the microscopy centre, a press conference with 20 participants, a formal dinner at the feet of the dinosaurs or a conference for 800 guests – an evening at the Museum will leave an unforgettable impression. Depending on our exhibition schedule, opening times, construction work and the Museum’s scheduled events, all public spaces can be hired for events.

Dinner at the Feet of Dinosaurs

The dinosaur hall is the heart of the Museum. Its central position within the Museum and its open-plan layout make it ideal for many formats of functions and events. It lends itself to panel discussions, formal dinners and receptions. Whatever the occasion, you will be in the presence of celebrities. The dinosaur Giraffatitan brancai stands 13.27 metres tall, watching over your guests who are enjoying the amazing atmosphere of the evening. Another exclusive addition to your party is the original Berlin specimen of primeval bird Archaeopteryx lithographica - the Mona Lisa among fossils.


  • Standing reception: up to 400 people (up to 800 if other spaces are booked at the same time)
  • Dinner: up to 180 people

Seminars, Symposiums and Conferences

The museum has an event hall located outside the exhibition area on the first floor. The event hall is also available for events during museum opening hours and is equipped with modern conference technology.


  • Seating in rows: up to 100 people


The Museum für Naturkunde is a very special location to which very special conditions apply. This is why there are not only the usual ban on smoking and health and safety regulations in place, but some restrictions are being imposed to protect our visitors and the exhibits in the galleries.

  • Spaces can be hired outside regular opening hours only
  • Events can only be prepared once the Museum’s public exhibitions have closed for the day.
  • Dance parties are not permitted.
  • Sänger Henry de Winter im Sauriersaal, Photo: Zoo Magazine/ Philippe Gerlach, launch of tenth anniversary, Berlin issue,
  • Galatisch eingedeckt im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Foto: CHL Fotodesign/ Christian Lietzmann
  • Galadinner für das Zoomagazine im Sauriersaal, Foto: Zoo Magazine/ Philippe Gerlach, launch of tenth anniversary, Berlin issue,
  • Servicepersonal beim Briefing kurz vor einer Veranstaltung im Sauriersaal, Foto: CHL Fotodesign/ Christian Lietzmann
  • Podiumsdiskussion im Sauriersaal mit anschließendem Empfang, Foto: (c) Carola Radke
  • Stehtische im Sauriersaal, Foto: (c) Carola Radke
  • Stehtische im Sauriersaal, Foto: CHL Fotodesign/ Christian Lietzmann
  • Der Sauriersaal bei einem Stehempfang. Foto: (c) Hwa Ja Götz
  • Stehtisch und Lounge-Mobiliar im Saal System Erde, Foto: (c) Hwa Ja Götz
  • Außenansicht des Museums für Naturkunde mit Abendbeleutung und WALL Plakatvitrinen, Foto: CHL Fotodesign/ Christian Lietzmann
  • Präsentation eines neuen Jaguar bei der Tenth Anniversary Party des Zoomagazine im Museum für Naturkunde, Foto: CHL Fotodesign/ Christian Lietzmann