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Audience Development: Theory and Practice


How to reach non-visitors? How to better support socially and educationally disadvantaged groups? Find answers in the 2nd International Conference of the Leibniz Centre of Excellence for Education in the Museum für Naturkunde on 9 and 10 November 2021.

Building on the first international conference “Interdisciplinary Research on Museums as Informal Learning Spaces – New Ways and Concepts” in 2019, and examining the results of visitor studies in the Leibniz Research Museums, we have identified two main topics for the second international conference: The first focuses on non-visitors to museums. Who does not come to the museums, and who from this target group can we nevertheless reach – and how? The second focus is on socially and educationally disadvantaged groups and the ways in which museums can better reach and support them.

The conference will emphasize the interplay between theory and practice in both topic areas. Therefore, the sessions are designed to provide theoretical input, e.g. through a keynote or short talks, and are followed by case studies from museum work presented in smaller breakout sessions. Both of these approaches will be brought to bear in the plenaries at the end of each day.

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