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Berlin Animals - in Kiez and Museum


Together with the district management Brunnenviertel-Ackerstraße, Brunnenviertel -Brunnenstraße and the Kitaverbund Brunnenviertel, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin invites children and their families from the Berlin district of Wedding to an exclusive family festival in the museum on 28 October 2019. This celebrates the seven-year collaboration and introduces the joint educational project "Animals of Berlin in Kiez and Museum" for nursery school children. The aim of the cooperation is to improve the educational opportunities for children, young people and adults in the district in the long term and to give children the opportunity to experience museums and nature for the first time.

"Berlin's children, young people and adults have a right to education, culture and science. In cooperation with our partners, we open up this access and sensitize people to nature. The regular exchange between the network partners is an essential part of our joint cooperation," says Astrid Faber, Head of Education and Mediation at the Museum. Director General Johannes Vogel adds: "The Museum für Naturkunde is a place of lifelong learning and social dialogue. It is a great place for mutual learning, listening and reflecting". Katja Niggemeier, team leader of the Brunnenviertel-Brunnenstraße neighbourhood management, is delighted to have won the museum over as a strong educational partner for all generations in the Brunnenviertel neighbourhood and would like to further expand the range of offerings for adults in the area together with colleagues from the museum.

Six times a year, kindergarten children from the Wedding district of Berlin can take part in the four-day educational programme "Animals of Berlin - in Kiez and Museum". The projects are intended to promote independent research, artistic design and playful discovery. During the project days, the children get to know various wild animals in the city, collect natural objects and work artistically. Each child then receives a "researcher's card", which they can use to invite two more people to the museum for over a year. Since 2018, the programme has been supported by the Socially Integrative City Project Fund of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, and is currently supported by the Brunnenviertel-Brunnenstraße neighbourhood management.

At the exclusive family festival for the children, their families and all project partners, the daycare children will report on their experiences in nature and in the museum. Action and craft stands as well as short guided tours to the original skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus rex Tristan Otto also invite visitors to get to know the museum as an educational and research institution.

Further information about the project partners: