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Collection discovery on board the MS Wissenschaft


Initiated by the Mediasphere For Nature team, there will be a new exhibit on the research vessel MS Wissenschaft after our last participation in 2019. The display, which was developed at the museum, addresses issues surrounding our collection discovery and simultaneously provides multimedia impressions with results from our digitization processes.

Since 2012, the MS Wissenschaft has been roaming rivers and canals as a floating science center on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. On its tour, schoolchildren, teachers, amateurs and experts alike are brought closer to current research on socially relevant topics. 

In the Science Year 2022, the exhibition is entirely focused on the questions citizens ask science under the motto "Participate!". In this spirit, an exhibit was developed at the Museum für Naturkunde that focuses on questions and answers around our collection discovery embedded in the museum's Future Plan. "What is a research museum?" or "For whom do we open up our collection?" are two of the questions the exhibit addresses.

Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, visitors can immerse themselves in various areas of our collection development at a kiosk and discover a wide range of multimedia offerings, e.g., explanatory films, thematic photo series, zoomable high-resolution scans, recently created 3D models of various collection objects, and a brand-new trailer for our data portal.

The MS Wissenschaft is on tour since May 03, 2022 and after the first stop in Berlin, the ship will sail the rivers Spree, Mittellandkanal, Main and Rhine, among others, for 5 months, stopping in around 30 cities.