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Coronavirus: Information from experts

Corona-Virus Berlin

The science hub Berlin makes an important contribution to the effective containment of the coronavirus. Research institutions such as the Robert Koch Institute and Charité Berlin inform the population based on scientific expertise and advise decision-makers in politics and society. We provide you with an overview of the most important information.


Information from experts

  • Have a look at the World Health Organisation's website for global information, recommendations and latest updates in English.
  • Facts instead of fake news: The Berlin Senate Chancellery has compiled all measures and recommendations applicable to the capital on a central website on the coronavirus.
  • The Robert Koch Institute provides daily updated information to the specialist public, including case numbers and recommendations.
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology at Charité Berlin, provides daily information on the current situation in a Corona podcast. Also in German, researchers from various scientific institutions within the Leibniz Association answer questions about the corona virus in another Podcast series.
  • "Threats to us are interrelated: climate change, loss of biodiversity, new pathogens", comments our Director General Johannes Vogel in an article for Financial Times.
  • Which diseases are caused by viruses? What role do they play in evolution? And where do they actually come from? In a three-part series, we provide information about the relationship between humans, animals and viruses.
  • When do pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 jump from animals to humans? Are parasites, viruses and Co. good for anything at all? Our exhibition Parasites – Life Undercover deals with these and other questions.



  • The official Corona Warning App for Germany helps determine whether you have come into contact with an infected person and whether there is a risk of infection. The aim is to use the app to break infection chains faster.
  • In the CovApp by Charité Berlin you receive specific recommendations for everyday life by answering questions about current symptoms, your last trips and possible contacts.


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