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Issues paper on the Research Museums of the Leibniz Association


With their collections and exhibits on the natural and cultural heritage of humankind, the eight Research Museums of the Leibniz Association provide a unique research infrastructure for science in Europe and worldwide. In an issues paper, the Federal Government and the Länder have defined goals and guidelines for the further development of these museums until 2030. The document is an update of the Federal Government-Länder issues paper published in June 2012. In a separate "Strategy Paper of the Leibniz Research Museums" (“Agenda 2030”) going with it, the eight institutions have gone, from their perspective, into more detail about the goals of the issues paper.

More details on the tasks and joint strategy of the Leibniz Research Museums can be found at Bund-Länder-Eckpunktepapier Forschungsmuseen WGL.pdf (German only)