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Katrin Vohland new head of the Natural History Museum Vienna

Katrin Vohland, biologist and head of the Science Programme Museum and Society at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, will become Scientific Director and thus General Director of the Natural History Museum Vienna from 1 June 2020. Vohland succeeds Christian Köberl, who has headed the museum since 2010. In her research activities at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Vohland has been active in recent years particularly in the areas of Citizen Science, political consulting and biodiversity research. The Director General and the team of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin congratulate Katrin Vohland on her success and look forward to strengthening the cooperation between Berlin and Vienna.

At the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Vohland wants to expand research, design exhibitions based on what is being researched at the museum, strategically orient the transfer of knowledge, and consider how to reach groups in society who do not go to the museum every day and read science pages.