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Live Demonstration: Disease spread in Virtual Reality

Krankheitsausbreitung in Virtueller Realität_@Mikhail Nilov, Pexels.jpg

How do infectious diseases spread and what influence do vaccinations have on this process? How exactly does "herd immunity" work and what does our vaccination decision have to do with it? A new live demonstration at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in collaboration with scientists from the University of Erfurt, University of Copenhagen and ETH Zurich provides visitors with answers to these questions.

The demonstration uses virtual reality to playfully experience disease spread and herd immunity. This allows visitors to experience how their own vaccination can prevent the spread of disease as well as which people particularly benefit from this indirect protection and are dependent on it.

Until 28 November 2021 in the Experimental Field for Participation and Open Science at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin