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Long-term museum network


The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and Cornelsen are cooperating in an overarching collaboration. The first step was a joint event on 23 October 2019, for which the museum opened its doors free of charge in order to create new educational spaces for interested primary school teachers of natural sciences from Berlin and Brandenburg. Under the theme "Movement in the Air", the participants were offered a varied and interactive programme in which they were not only guided through the museum but could also experiment themselves.

The cooperation includes joint events, workshops and lectures on scientific topics for teachers in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the future, digital treasures and audio materials from the collections of the research museum will be used for science lessons and in the educational media of the learning provider for direct school use. The museum's expert knowledge and valuable materials are incorporated into the Cornelsen theme books for science lessons, so that the specialist expertise can be used to develop new products. Already today, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin with its extensive education and training program reaches around 100,000 children, young people and adults every year. "The cooperation with Cornelsen enables us to bring current research topics from the museum directly to schools in Germany," says Astrid Faber, Head of Education at the Museum. "With Cornelsen and Cornelsen Experimenta, we have gained two partners here with a high level of didactic expertise. Both have extensive experience in translating scientific content into teaching and learning materials. Together, we would like to develop new formats and materials so that science lessons for all pupils remain realistic and varied."