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"Mikroorgasmen Überall" is Knowledge Book of the Year

Mikroorgasmen_@Marc Jerusel.JPG

If you are looking for exciting reading material from the world of natural wonders as a Christmas present, the book "Microorgasmen Überall" by Dominik Eulberg is recommended. It was awarded the title of Knowledge Book of the Year in the Entertainment category.  Eulberg is a visiting scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and involved in numerous science communication projects.

For the 28th time, Bild der Wissenschaft awarded prizes in six categories to books that report on science and research in a competent, understandable and exciting way. Like most of the titles on the 57-book shortlist, the award-winning books reflect the major problems of our time: climate change and the corona pandemic. They also deal with the great scientific controversies and the sensitive nature on our doorstep. After voting by the eleven-member jury and 2785 reader votes, it was clear that Dominik Eulberg, a visiting scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, had won the award. His book "Microorgasmen Überall" was named "Knowledge Book of the Year". It is the smorgasbord of a passionate rummaging around in meadows and forests, on pond banks and in the undergrowth. Eulberg amusingly describes the complicated life cycle of the rose gall wasp, and the story about the red lacewing is a declaration of love for a tennis-ball-sized flesh-red creature that seems to have stepped out of a science fiction film.

Dominik Eulberg
Von der Raffinesse und Mannigfaltigkeit
der Natur vor unserer Haustür
Eichborn, 352 S., € 25,–
ISBN 978–3–847–90065–8