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Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in solidarity with Ukraine


The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin stands for democracy, peace and humanity for all people from all over the world. Mankind must put an end to wars and violence and create a future where we can all live together. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people these days in the hope that war and suffering will end as soon as possible.

As a reaction to the Russian attack on Ukraine, which violated international law, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin endorses the position of the Federal Government as well as the recommendations of the Alliance of Science Organizations and of numerous other German institutions. We condemn Russia's military aggression on Ukraine in the strongest terms and have a clear answer. Our staff members were asked to put on hold all official cooperation, projects and other forms of cooperation with Russian partner institutions and individual Russian partners with immediate effect. No new projects will start for the time being.

The Directorate of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is also calling on all staff members to get involved, to stand by and help the Ukrainian people in solidarity. The Museum itself offers researchers from the Ukrainian partner institutions who flee to Germany a workspace and equipment at the Museum. Furthermore, we are willing to organize material support for the Ukrainian partner institutions if and when necessary.