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New release of the Citizen Science platform

Under the leadership of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and 14 other partners, the EU-Citizen.Science Platform has been updated in order to promote citizen science knowledge throughout Europe. EU-Citizen.Science is the digital platform for all who are interested in citizen science: It offers best-practice examples and resources for the initiation, planning and implementation of Citizen Science projects and presents a wide range of citizen science projects. The vision of the platform is to promote citizen science, to increase participation in research, as well as to strengthen networking of the participants on a European level.

A new release of the platform has been just launched, including new features to foster collaboration between citizen science practitioners and enthusiasts and make the path into citizen science even easier. Among the new features, there are the community forums, training resources, the possibility to create organization profiles and the implementation of an application programming interface (API). The brand new community forum feature allows users to start or join a discussion on any topic related to citizen science. There is also the possibility to create organisation profiles that can be associated to the project profiles. Training resources are now available on the platform, allowing the users to find a citizen science topic on which they want to learn new things. The implementation of an application programming interface (API) is aimed at facilitating interoperability between different citizen science platforms, to share project and resource information. The core mission of the project has not changed: users will still be able to discover and follow citizen ccience projects, enhance their expertise with a wide range of training resources and connect with other members of the community.