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Four days of events are presented by Forschungsfall Nachtigall: From 11th to 14th November, the nightingale citizen science project invites you to the Nightingale Finissage.  These events include insights into science and citizen research as well as several theatrical and musical performances, visual arts, photography and poetry.  All events are free.  Please register here. If you require special assistance or step free access please contact us in advance.

We start our finnisage, with a mini symposium with presentations given by some scientists from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.  These short talks will cover some of their research from this nightingale citizen science project and in a wider context. The MfN Director General Professor Johannes Vogel will close this symposium.  

An overview of all speakers can be found here.

From 7pm onwards

We welcome you to an evening of entertainment ‘A Nightingale Journey’ (Eine Nachtigallreise)

This dreamlike journey will take us around art, music and poetry, about the nightingale:

  • Ines Theileis and the Nightingale Choir entertain with music.
  • Artist Daniela Friebel shows her photographic exhibition ‘Revier’. This is all about nightingale territories in Tempelhof-Schöneberg.
  • Meet Jake Elwes (in English) and experience his art instillation 'CUSP'
  • ‘The Musician of Nature’ performed by the poet Erin Doyle (in English) and
  • Paintings by Sarah Kendrick inspired by the nightingale and Erin’s poems.

Moreover, this evening the Nightingale Citizen Science Project receive an award as an official project of the UN Decade of Biodiversity.

Drinks and finger food will be served.

Tuesday, 12th November, 5pm to 6pm.

"Fräulein Brehms Tierleben" brings the play "Luscinia - die Nachtigall, der Sprosser" by Barbara Geiger to the stage, or rather to the museum. And - of course - it's all about nightingales. Please register here free of charge.

Wednesday, 13th November, 4:30pm to 6pm.

This evening will focus on nightingales in art and culture:

  • The art exhibition "Nightingales: Habitat and Sound" by students of the Berlin Metropolitan School under the direction of Sarah Kendrick and Felicity Mangan.
  • An excursion on the symbolism of the nightingale in Europe and the Middle East.

From 7pm onwards

The Nightingale in Culture

This will be a cultural evening with the nightingale at its core. 

“Watching Murmurs” by performance artist Natalia Rodrigues.  Natalia has interpreted the Nightingale stories from Ancient Persia and Ancient Greece.  She has created this beautiful performance that combines illustration, dance and live music.

“The Whispering of the Nightingales” by our nightingale community

During the evening we will create a sound instillation of Nightingale poetry and anecdotes.  This will be performed in many different languages.  So far, members of our community will recite poems in Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, German, Portuguese, and English.  Why don’t you bring your favorite nightingale poem, in any language, and join us?  Drinks and finger food will be served.

Thursday 14th November 5pm to 6pm

‘Only in Freedom will I sing’ (Nur in Freiheit will ich singen)

  • Class 6b of the International School Berlin shows an adaptation of the fairy tale "The Nightingale" (Nattergalen, 1843) by Hans Christian Andersen under the direction of Andrea Schott. This will be an immersive theatre performance.

We hope that you can join us for one or more of these nightingale inspired evenings. For more information and the registration please use this link.