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Dr. Andreas Kunkel

Dr. Andreas Kunkel
  • Tasks

    Science Manager, Directorate

    • Supporting the Director General with focus on scientific, organizational and strategic questions
    • Coordination of organization-wide projects
    • Contact point, coordination of Scientific Advisory Board
    • Contact point, coordination of MfN friends’ associations

    Publications (Selection)

    Unsere Wissenschaft/Our Science 2017/2018 (Managing Editors: Steiner, G., Kunkel, A. & Grosse, A.)

    Unsere Wissenschaft/Our Science 2015/2016 (Redaktion: Steiner, G. & Kunkel, A)

    Museum für Naturkunde Annual Report (2006 – 2014) (Managing Editors: Kunkel, A. & Steiner, G.)

    Damaschun, F., Moldrzyk, U. & Kunkel, A. (2006): Metamorphose – das Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin baut um. Museumskunde 71 (1/06): 20 – 25

    Kunkel, A. & Werner, W. (2002): Vergessen Sie Archaeopteryx! aviso 1/2002: 16 - 22

    Straka H., Kunkel A.W. & Dieringer N. (1994) Vestibular and spinal plasticity after hemilabyrinthectomy in the frog. In: J.M. Delgado-García, E. Godaux and P.-P. Vidal (eds): Information processing underlying gaze control, Pergamon Press, Oxford, pp. 209-216.

    Kunkel A.W. & Dieringer N. (1994) Morphological and electrophysiological consequences of unilateral pre- versus postganglionic vestibular lesions in the frog. J. Comp. Physiol A. 174: 621-632.