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Dr. Jack Ullrich-Lüter

Dr. Jack Ullrich-Lüter
  • Tasks

    • Postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Dr Carsten Lüter
    • PI of DFG funded project „Towards the vertebrate eye–exploring photoreceptors of basal deuterostomes”


    Research interests:

    Evolution of photoreceptor systems in basal deuterostomes (echinoderms and enteropneusts)

    With an integrative morphological and (functional) molecular approach we aim to characterize photoreceptor cells and systems to obtain information regarding their function and evolution.

    We deploy cell type specific“molecular fingerprinting” via in situ-hybridization, immunohistochemistry, SEM, TEM, µCT, computer based photoreceptor system modelling and new functional molecular methods.

    Publications (Selection)

    Sumner-Rooney, L., Kirwan, J. D., Lüter, C., Ullrich-Lüter, E. (2021) Run and hide: visual performance in a brittle star. Journal of Experimental Biology 224 (11): jeb236653.

    Sumner-Rooney, L., Kirwan, J. D., Lowe, E., Ullrich-Lüter, E. (2020). Extraocular Vision in a Brittle Star Is Mediated by Chromatophore Movement in Response to Ambient Light. Current Biology, 30 (2): 319-327.

    Sumner-Rooney, L., Rahman, I. A., Sigwart, J. D. & Ullrich-Lüter, E. (2018). Whole-body photoreceptor networks are independent of ‘lenses’ in brittle stars. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285: 20172590.20172590.

    Delroisse, J., Ullrich-Lüter, E., Blaue S., Ortega-Martinez, O., Eeckhaut, I., Flammang, P. & Mallefet, J. (2017). A puzzling homology: a brittle star using a putative cnidarian-type luciferase for bioluminescence. Open Biology 7160300160300.

    Delroisse, J., Ullrich-Lüter, E., Blaue S., Eeckhaut, I., Flammang, P. & Mallefet, J. (2017). Fine structure of the luminous spines and luciferase detection in the brittle star Amphiura filiformis. Zoologischer Anzeiger 269: 1-12.

    Ullrich-Lüter, E. M., D’Aniello S. & Arnone, M.I. (2013). C-opsin expressing photoreceptors in echinoderms. Comparative and Integrative Biology, 53(1):27-38.

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