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Dr. Johannes Penner

  • Research

    Current Research (Herpetology)

    Macroecology of West African Amphibians

    The biogeography of West African amphibians is analysed on different levels (communities to species to beta diversity), with different tools (multivariate statistics & modelling) and views (niches & distributions). The patterns are compared to other organism groups and general patterns are sought. These are compared to current conservation schemes (protected areas) and possible threats (e.g. Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis). The niche modelling approach is extended into the future to evaluate the impact of different climate change scenarios.

    This work was part of the BIOTA West project. At the MfN it is located within the working group of Mark-Oliver Rödel and cross linked with other projects. Parts of the work are conducted in collaboration with the Technical University Berlin with support from the HPI Future SOC Lab in Postdam and the Humboldt University Berlin.

    Ecology & taxonomy of West African amphibians & reptiles

    - Various projects on single genera and species, e.g. Atheris, Dipsadoboa, Varanus, selected snake, lizard, frog and turtle species).

    Current Research (EU BON)

    EU BON - "Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network" aims at further continuing the contribution of the European Union to the work of the "Group on Earth Observation’s Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)" and start a "European Bidiversity Portal". The main aim is to collect, process, and analyse information on status of biodiversity (past, current & future), thereby making it easier accessible for IPBES ("Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services").

    Within the framework of the project I am involved in three work packages. They are concerned with enhancement and developement of new tools (WP3) and analyses of biodiversity data (WP4). In addition I contribute to the conception of expanding the observation network (test sites). Furthermore, I co-lead the task-force on remote sensing and contribute to the development of a business plan.

    This work is located within the working group of Christoph Häuser and also cross-linked with other projects therein.

    Further projects

    - Conservation & utilisation of the Ball Python (Python regius) in Benin

    - Various smaller projects on ecology and distribution of West African amphibians and reptiles (e.g. on the genera Atheris, Dipsadoboa, Varanus, selected frog and turtle species)

    - Conservation & microhabitat selection of the European adder (Vipera berus) in the Spessart (Germany) (Project terminated)

    Field work

    Current: Côte d'Ivoire (2015: Marahoué), Liberia (2010-2013: Counties: Bong, Grand Cedeh, Nimba & Sinoe)

    Past: Australia (2004: Kioloa), Benin (2005-2007: Pendjari NP, Lokoli Forest & Lama Forest, area north of Porto Novo), Burkina Faso (2005: Bontioli NP & area around Dano), Cameroon (2007: Mt. Manengouba), Côte d'Ivoire (2002: Taï NP), Demokratic Republic Congo (2004: Lokutu), Germany (2001-2008: Spessart & Steigerwald), Guinea (2011: Mt. Yonon & Mt. Going), Madagascar (2003: Kirindy Forest), Namibia (2005 & 2014: whole country along climate gradient), USA (2002: Arizona)