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Dr. Jürgen Deckert

  • Tasks

    • Curator of the collection Hemimetabola: Hemiptera, Thysanoptera, Phtiraptera, Isoptera and "Apterygota" (Collembola, Diplura, Protura, Archaeognatha and Zygentoma)

    • Research in the fields of systematic, zoogeography and biodiversity


    Taxonomy, zoogeography, and biodiversity of Afrotropical and Palearctic Heteroptera

    Research projects

    • Biodiversity of insects in arid and semiarid biomes of Namibia and South Africa (Project BIOTA Africa 2007-2010) (BMBF)
    • General distributional patterns and endemism of Heteroptera in Namibia
    • The genus Pyrrhocoridae (Probergrothius) in Namibia
    • Field guide to the True Bugs of the arid Biomes of south-western Africa
    • Textbook about morphology, biology, and phylogeny of Heteroptera (in German)


    Wachmann, E., Melber, A. & J. Deckert (2004 - 2008): Wanzen, Band 1-4. Tierwelt Deutschlands. Bände 75, 77, 78, 81.

    Deckert, J. & Göllner-Scheiding, U.  (2006): Lace bugs of Namibia (Heteroptera, Tingoidea, Tingidae). - Denisia 19, neue Serie 50, 823-856.

    Hoch, H., Deckert, J., Wessel, A. (2006): Vibrational signalling in a Gondwanan relict insect (Hemiptera: Coleorrhyncha: Peloridiidae). - Biology Letters, 1-3.

    Deckert, J. & A. C. Eyles (2002): Notes on African Dieuches and related Rhyparochromini with description of one new species (Hemiptera: Lygaeoidea, Rhyparochromidae). - Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift 49 (1), 143-159.