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Kristin Mahlow

Kristin Mahlow
  • Tasks

    • Scientific Assistant
    • Implementation of scanning analyses at the micro-computed tomography lab of the Museum für Naturkunde


    Research interests

    Generating new methods for more efficient micro-computed tomography analyses and virtual segmentation of vertebrates and vertebrate fossils.

    Research projects

    Virtual segmentation and statistical analysis of the ossified anatomy of colubroid snakes

    Publications (Selection)

    Mahlow, K.M., Tillack, F., Schmidtler, J.F., Müller, J. (2013): An annotated checklist, description and key to the dwarf snakes of the genus Eirenis JAN, 1863 (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubridae), with special emphasis on the dentition. – Vertebrate Zoology 63 (1): 41–85.