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Dr. Roberto Rozzi

Dr. Roberto Rozzi
  • Tasks

    Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow

    Research interests

    • Evolution and biogeography of insular mammals from Mediterranean, Asian, and American islands
    • Plio-Pleistocene mammal palaeoecology, taxonomy, and biochronology (with emphasis on Bovidae)
    • Processes influencing the diversity and conservation of endangered species, especially insular mammals
    • Management and enhancement of natural history collections

    Publications (Selection)

    Rozzi, R., 2018. Space-time patterns of body size variation in island bovids: The key role of predatory release. Journal of Biogeography 00, 1-12.

    Rozzi, R., Lomolino, M.V., 2017. Rapid Dwarfing of an Insular Mammal - The Feral Cattle of Amsterdam Island. Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 8820(2017).

    Rozzi, R., 2017. A new extinct dwarfed buffalo from Sulawesi and the evolution of the subgenus Anoa: An interdisciplinary perspective. Quaternary Science Reviews 157: 188-205.

    Rozzi, R., Palombo, M.R., 2014. Lights and shadows in the evolutionary patterns of insular bovids. Integrative Zoology 9: 213-228.

    Rozzi, R., Winkler, D.E., De Vos, J., Schulz, E., Palombo, M.R., 2013. The enigmatic bovid Duboisia santeng (Dubois, 1891) from the Early-Middle Pleistocene of Java: a multiproxy approach to its palaeoecology. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 377: 73-85.

    Lomolino, M.V., Van Der Geer, A., Lyras, G.A., Palombo, M.R., Sax, D.F., Rozzi, R., 2013. Of mice and mammoths: generality and antiquity of the island rule. Journal of Biogeography 40: 1427-1439.