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Théo Léger

Théo Léger
  • Tasks

    • Scientific Head of the Lepidoptera and Trichoptera Collection (butterflies, moths, caddiesflies)


    • Research on evolution and species diversity of the Pyraloidea (snouth moths)
    • Revision and biogeography of the Southeast-Asian genus Hoploscopa
    • DNA barcoding and revision of the Pyraloidea from the Philippinen

    Publications (selection)

    Léger, T., Landry, B., & Nuss, M. (2019). Phylogeny, character evolution and tribal classification in Crambinae and Scopariinae (Lepidoptera, Crambidae). Systematic Entomology, 44(4), 757-776.

    Léger, T., Kehlmaier, C., Vairappan, C. S., & Nuss, M. (2020). Twenty-six new species of Hoploscopa (Lepidoptera, Crambidae) from South-East Asia revealed by morphology and DNA barcoding. ZooKeys, 907,1-99

    Léger, T., Mally, R., Neinhuis, C., & Nuss, M. (2020). Refining the phylogeny of Crambidae with complete sampling of subfamilies (Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea). Zoologica Scripta.