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Zinaida Vasilyeva

Zinaida Vasilyeva
  • Teaching

    I do not teach at the MfN, but my teaching portfolio is extensive. Here is a selection of courses I have taught or co-taught in the past: 

    • Introduction into Sociology (lectures and seminars)
    • Introduction into Science and Technology Studies (STS-1) : modules on Infrastructures and ANT (seminars)
    • Basic Ideas and Concepts of Science and Technology Studies (seminars) 
    • Internship: How to Write a Reflexive Report (seminars)
    • Biopolitics: Social, Political and Ethical Aspects of Life Science Economies
    • Anthropology of Russia and Post-Soviet Space (lectures and seminars), 2012, University of Neuchatel

    I have supervised more than 10 BA and MA theses, most of them at the Department of STS at the Technical University Munich.

  • Publications

  • Projects

    2023-2025 - IETI Project, BMBF (01IO2202)

    Past projects:

    2019 - 2022  METAFORIS: Making Europe through and for its research infrastructures, Case: European Space Agency, DFG, Technical University of Munich, PI Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer

    2018 - 2019  Thinking Evolution - Thinking Life: Evolution in the Postgenomic Age, Technical University of Munich, PI Prof. Ruth Müller

    2013 - 2015  Russian Computer Scientists at Home and Abroad”, STS Center of the European University at St. Petersburg, Russia, PI Prof. Mario Biagioli and Prof. Vincent Lepinay

    2012 - 2013  Ideology and Knowledge in the Nuclear Science City of Obninsk, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy, Moscow, PI Prof. Andrei Zorin

    2011 - 2013  Do-it-yourself practices and technical knowledge in late Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia, SNF project, Institute of Anthropology, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, PI Profs. Ellen Hertz and Prof. Philippe Geslin




  • Curriculum Vitae

    May 2019 - PhD in Anthropology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Title: “From Skills to Selves: Recycling ‘Soviet DIY’ in Post-Soviet Russia”. Co-directors : Professor Philippe Geslin, Professor Ellen Hertz

    2004 – 2006 - MA in Cultural Anthropology, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia

    1999 – 2004 - Diploma in History, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

  • Tasks

    I am an anthropologist of knowledge with a particular interest in transformations, controversies, and epistemic shifts within techno-scientific communities and societies at large. After completing my Ph.D. on the value transformation of DIY skills and engineering knowledge in late Soviet and post-Soviet Russian society, I worked on a scientific controversy in contemporary evolutionary biology and on epistemic shifts in European space policy. More recently, I have been working on the role of artists in creating alternative narratives about technological futures. I am particularly interested in how meanings and values are ascribed to knowledge, and how the ways in which knowledge is ordered and practiced can shift, evolve, and be contested as a result of political, economic, and social transformations.

    Before joining the MfN, I worked as a postdoc at the Department of STS at the Technical University of Munich (2018-2023) and as a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Anthropology at the University of Neuchatel (2011-2013, completed in 2019). I enjoyed being a visiting scholar at the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley in 2016, and at the Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde, Leipzig in 2017. From 2013 to 2015, I served as the executive director of the project “Russian Computer Scientists at Home and Abroad” at the STS Center of the European University in St. Petersburg.

    In the IETI project, I am researching how the MfN as an institution understands, practices, and evaluates its institutional and social impact, with the goal of proposing a more long-term and reflexive methodology for public engagement in museums.