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Evaluation 2012

Johannes Vogel und Stephan Junker mit Evaluierungsunterlage in einem alten Sammlungsraum

The Museum für Naturkunde is a member of the Leibniz Association, and, like all other Leibniz institutions, undergoes evaluation by the Leibniz Senate at least every seven years. A high-powered international expert group gives an independent evaluation as to how the Museum has developed in terms of structure and content over the past years and how convincing plans for the future are.

Three years after joining the Leibniz Association, the Museum was assessed by such an evaluation commission for the first time in 2012.

The report acknowledged that research at the Museum für Naturkunde was very good to excellent, while exhibitions were very good. The improvement of the state of the building and housing of collections, as well as the development of the infrastructure and staff training were to be given highest priority.

Since the leading posts of Director General, Professor Johannes Vogel, and Managing Director, Stephan Junker, had only been filled eight months and a year respectively before the evaluation commission came to visit, the Museum had to put all its energy into the first evaluation and into developing a mission, a vision of the future and the relevant strategies within a very short space of time.

The fact that this worked out so well can be considered a great success, only possible due to the extraordinary commitment of staff, a great team spirit and abundant creativity. These will be the building blocks that will carry our Museum into a successful future, says Director General, Johannes Vogel.

Further information on the 2012 evaluation results can be found here:

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