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Join our Museum Evolution!

Blick nach oben in einem der historischen Treppenhäuser im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Have you ever wondered where we come from? And where life is going? The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin has the answers. We are reinventing ourselves for a better future. Join us. Become part of our Museum Evolution – on YouTube!

The Earth is changing. Every second. For 4.56 billion years. But this change has been happening too fast lately! That is evidenced by the speed of species extinction and climate change.

We are making the museum fit for new challenges, including architecturally. As a place where one million visitors per year can exchange ideas about the preservation of our natural foundations for life. And as a place where over 200 scientists are already researching life and Earth. We are catapulting the 30 million objects in our collection into the future – analog and digital. For all of us! So that we can work together on solutions – for nature and the cohesion of society.

A film team is accompanying us on this journey. On YouTube, you can join our Museum Evolution! With a new video every two weeks on Thursdays, we will share our metamorphosis with you. You'll have the opportunity to dive into our research and collection, and to follow the museum's architectural development as well.

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What does the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin mean to you? What do you expect from us in the future? What facets of our Museum Evolution should we illuminate more fully? Please leave us a comment on YouTube!

"Museum Evolution" is produced in cooperation with Hans Otto Film. We would also like to thank Dominik Eulberg – DJ, ecologist, and guest researcher at the museum – whose tracks from the albums "Mannigfaltig" and "Avichrom" accompany the YouTube series' clips.

  • Christiane Quaisser und Jana Hoffmann an der Massendigitalisierungsstraße in der Sonderausstellung "digitize!"
  • Ein historisches Vogelpräparat wird im Zuge unserer Sammlungserschließung fotografiert
  • Umzug der Schädelsammlung
  • Stephan Junker und Johannes Vogel vor der Insektenwand in "digitize!"
  • Das Nasspräparat einer Schlange wird für einen Scan im CT-Labor vorbereitet
  • Digitalisierung der Molluskensammlung mit der Scanstation DORA

Pictures by Pablo Castagnola