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Working at Museum für Naturkunde

Wissenschaftler vermisst den Schädel des Brachiosaurus in der Ausstellung des Museums für Naturkunde

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is a modern employer, offering employment in many different areas. An integrated research museum of international renown with a globally connected research infrastructure, we offer numerous academic jobs at all career levels, including PhD student places and professorships. Technical and administrative posts are also varied. You will find an overview of all positions currently available under job vacancies.

Furthermore, the Museum is an employer that is very much aware of the current social context and supports its employees in their daily work. Alongside statutory employee representative bodies and the collective employment agreement, there are further initiatives, in particular concerning

Staff Representatives

Staff Council

The Staff Council of Museum für Naturkunde Berlin represents the interests of Museum staff in line with the Personalvertretungsgesetz (PersVG) Berlin (Staff Representation Act).

The Staff Council has nine members:

All Staff Council members are approachable for discussions, queries and suggestions regarding staff representation matters. Please contact them individually or send via e-mail:


The office of the Staff Council is located at the Nordbau, room 3325.

Women's Representation

In its strategy, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin defined equal opportunities as one of its most important objectives for a successful future. This includes an improvement of access and career advancement for women, a significant increase in the proportion of women in higher academic and managing positions and abolishing systemic discrimination. Both men and women must be supported in balancing family and career. The Leibniz Association’s guidelines and initiatives in connection with the audit Beruf und Familie (work and family) are important benchmarks.

Women’s Representative

Team Women's Representative


The Leibniz Association has established standards of good scientific practice, definitions of misconduct and the role and authority of the association’s central Ombuds Committee in its Guidelines for good scientific practice (GSP). The recently updated version of these guidelines (since November 2019) is obligatory for all institutions of the Leibniz Association.

Every 3 years, the scientists of the MfN hold a secret ballot to elect an ombudsperson as a point of contact for discrepancies, suspicions and matters of dispute, to investigate accusations of scientific misconduct, based on the institution’s internal guidelines, the Guidelines of Good Scientific Practice of the Leibniz Association and the recent Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice of the DFG. If a decentralised ombudsperson decides that the accusations require further investigation, the case is passed to the central ombudsperson of the Leibniz Gemeinschaft.

The acting ombudspersons are:

We are available for all scientists at the Museum für Naturkunde as contact for questions and problems related to good scientific practice. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, mail or personally in our offices!

Representatives for Disabled Employees

Members of the Schwerbehindertenvertretung (SBV, disabled representation) are contact persons for those employees of the Museum who are disabled, may face disability, or have queries relating to disability. Please feel free to talk to us. We are open to your queries and suggestions.

The duties of disabled representatives have been defined in § 95 of the social legislation act (SGB IX).

Representative for Disabled Employees


Representation of Doctoral Students

The representatives of phd-students are elected by all phd-students at the Museum für Naturkunde and represent their interests. We organize workshops, networking meetings and social events for the young scientists and inform at least once a year in a plenary meeting about our work and other topics of interest for the phd-students. Internally, we participate in the configuration of the museum by attending several committees.

All employees at the museum can contact us with questions and suggestions about all kinds of doctoral student matters.

The current representatives are:

The representation of doctoral students can be contacted via email.