Das Foto zeigt das Plakat für die Sonderausstellung "Biopolis - Wildes Berlin".
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8 November 2011 - 31 July 2012

"Berlin is a shining example of sustainable biodiversity in a city." (Prof. Dr. Josef Reichholf)

Berlin's Alexander square is a breeding territory for peregrine falcons, while bats have made their home in the waterworks. Whether it is groups of wild boar in front gardens, foxes on building sites or bee hives buzzing on the roofs of central Berlin, the German capital truly deserves the title of Biopolis. Such a wide range of wildlife elicits an equally wide-ranging response from the urban population, especially where it is not expected. Not everybody likes the close companionship of wild boar, beech martens, rats and racoons.

In cooperation with nature photographer Florian Möllers, the Museum für Naturkunde presents the special exhibition "Biopolis – Wild Berlin", showing the wild side of the capital and merging the notions of biodiversity and metropolis.