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Class, Order, Species - 200 Years of Museum für Naturkunde

Das Foto zeigt das Plakat für die Sonderausstellung "Klasse, Ordnung, Art - 200 Jahre Museum für Naturkunde".

14 September 2010 - 1 Mai 2011

In our big Bicentenary Exhibition, we present the exciting history of the Museum für Naturkunde. Little known, yet spectacular original exhibits, selected antique collection cabinets and cases, pictures and historic documents all bear witness to the eventful history of the Museum.

Significant Collections, Expeditions and Scientists – The past 200 years are shown in the context of changing political circumstances and intellectual climates. However, thanks to the scientists working in and cooperating with the Museum, the collections also show a remarkable continuity in spite of political system changes, as far as research into animate and inanimate nature is concerned. At all times, the Museum used modern approaches in research as well as in organising its collections.

Class, Order, Species – These are terms used to describe society as well as taxonomy, making them particularly suitable as title for the narrative of the museum. Milestones have been highlighted artistically by multimedia animations by Stepan Ueding/Filmproduktion Friedrichshain.

For the anniversary exhibition the museum's history was divided into six periods. These are illuminated from different points of view such as collection, the trips and expeditions or the scientists at that time. This insight into the history of the museum is also an excursion into Berlin's scientific history:

  • On the way to the university collection (18th century to 1810)
  • The first address for Research and Education (1810-1889)
  • Expansion and Bloom (1889 - 1918)
  • Years of research and destruction (1918-1945)
  • Restart and "limited opportunities“ (1945-1990)
  • Old treasures in new networks (after 1989)
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung.
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung, im Vordergrund steht eine Vitrine mit dem Modell einer Buckelzikade
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung, im Vordergrund steht eine Vitrine mit präparierten Vögeln.
  • Das Foto zeigt eine Installation bestehend aus Geweihen.
  • Das Foto gibt einen Einblick in die Ausstellung, im Zentrum steht ein geöffneter Kabinettschrank.