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Capital of the Nightingales - A nocturnal excursion through Berlin's Tiergarten


Nowhere do we experience nature more often than in our own neighbourhood. Large parks, renaturalised industrial sites, mighty street trees, species-rich backyards, community gardens and the sound of birdsong are something we encounter almost every day in Berlin.

Berlin is the capital of nightingales. In spring, Berliners welcome more than 3000 of these small migratory birds.
Why do so many nightingales make the long journey to Berlin every year? Where can you listen to the nightingales? Where do these small birds fly to in autumn and where do nightingales spend the winter? Why is the song of nightingales so varied? Join us to explore Berlin's Tiergarten and learn more about our feathered neighbours.

The excursion is part of the project Understanding Biodiversity - Explore and Experience Nature (Vielfalt Verstehen) and is funded by the Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment.

Information about the event