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Flea crabs & water scorpions - an adventure in the Karower Teiche nature reserve

Eine Person steht mit Schutzkleidung im Wasser
Fully booked!

Together we will experience an exciting and child-friendly adventure in the Karower Teiche nature reserve! On our tour through this fascinating area, we will learn about living creatures in a playful way and place a special focus on the protection and conservation of the habitat. As a highlight, we will search for tiny creatures together with landing nets and discover their fascinating world.

We will learn more about the unique flora and fauna of this protected area and discuss which nature conservation measures are necessary to preserve this valuable habitat in the future.

The excursion is organised by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in cooperation with Wassernetz Berlin.

Information about the event

  • Date: 09.06.2024, from 10:15 - approx. 13:00
  • Handled by: Julia Rostin, Vera Schubert & Carlo Scholz
  • For: Families with children (from 6 years)
  • Please note: Please bring provisions, drinks and a picnic blanket! 
  • Location: Karower Teiche
  • Meeting point: Pankow, Pankgrafenbrücke, 13125 Berlin (52.6165717656797, 13.46003191196138) 
  • Directions: Karow S-Bahn station (S2) + walk (approx. 10 mins)
  • Registration required from 13 May 2024 at: (max 15 people)
  • The excursion takes place in German